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By Katie Mitchell, 30 Aug 2018

The smartphone has been shaking things up since it came to be in 2007. In just over a decade, there are not many aspects of life that haven’t been impacted by it’s convenient, in-your-pocket connection. When it comes to convenience and comfort, they’ve completely changed the game.

On average, users now spend up to 2 hours, 30 minutes every day on their device; staying in touch on social media, browsing the web, streaming or connecting to home. As the Internet of Things (IoT) extends to nearly 31 billion devices worldwide by 2020, the use of smartphones keeps growing by the day. We’d like to share some smart ways that you can stay connected to your home, from your phone.

Smartphone, smart home

Imagine if all the gadgets in your life could connect to the internet; lights, speakers, cooking utensils – the list is endless. Think about how easy it would be if all your devices could keep you in the loop and respond to instructions. It’s not a futuristic fable, it’s IoT, and it’s a reality, here and now.

Home automation is happening: allowing you to control items in your home remotely. From closing your blinds to turning off all lighting, air-conditioning, floor heating while you’re on holiday, you can get the result you want by just pushing a button or using a voice command. While functions like switching on your garage lights are easy, others, like controlling your surveillance cameras, involve more investment.

Connectivity, comfort, convenience

A MyHOME® system connects all your home’s electrical capabilities. Control which lights you want on, how cool you want your kitchen and which tune you want to play, all from one central point. Consider the simplicity of having a ‘goodbye’ switch near the front door which automates actions like turning off lights and air-con.

Whichever device you’re using, get smart with your home and get connected from the palm of your hand. We’ve got some ways to make the Legrand MyHOME® system work for you.

Remote connection

Be the ultimate host and link your intercom to your smartphone – that way, when you’re away, you can still speak to your guests. You can also let people in to deliver parcels all while you’re at the office.

Remote security

Make sure you keep your home safe and sound by operating functions from far away. Turn your lights, air-con and floor heating on and off so you can save time and energy. You can also automate switching on your alarm, as well as open and close your blinds to create a ‘lived in’ look while you’re away.

Remote control

With more control comes more savings. Save time, keep comfortable and lessen energy consumption by viewing your usage as a whole and making small adjustments that will see significant differences in your bills. Use timers and sensors to set up your curtains and blinds to open and close with light levels throughout the day and night.

Remote comfort

Program your ‘entertainment’ actions to automate your ambience. At the touch of a button – dim your outside patio lights, press play on your party playlist and get your garden lights into gear. Switching on your air-con from the road means by the time you arrive, the temperature has hit the sweet spot.

MyHOME® automation systems allow you to control all your electrical functions from central points throughout your home or via an app. Click here to investigate how to make your home smarter with MyHOME®.


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