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By Katie Mitchell, 30 Nov 2018

Whether it’s nature’s backyard or your own, Australians are known for their love of the great outdoors. There’s something magical about stepping outside to your garden filled with plants, flowers and the occasional bird. Surveying this serene scene puts you into a meditative mode, and washes away the stress of the day.

But many of us miss out on the full experience of our garden oasis for one simple reason – we don’t have the right lighting! If this sounds like you – there are some things you can do when creating a gorgeous garden; whether you’re dining alfresco, or kicking back with bevvy or two.

The Right Outdoor Lights

Think about the inside of your home – how important is the lighting in your kitchen as you prep for dinner? It has to be spot on, right? The same goes for the lights over the mirrors in your bathroom, or the ones highlighting your artwork or feature pieces.

The right lights enhance your space, and increase functionality and ambience; this is even more so outdoors. The correct mix of task, ambient and accent lighting can mean the difference between a useful outdoor room you can enjoy, and a dark, uninspiring backyard you that’s off limits once the sun goes down.

Quality Over Quantity

There’s one significant factor to consider when it comes to your outdoor lighting: the weather. Outdoor lights are exposed to all the elements, as well as temperature and moisture. They need to be weatherproof and durable to withstand whatever our Aussie seasons can throw at them.

This is why it’s essential to choose high-quality outdoor lights. Spend big on a few statement pieces that will last longer, and make sure they come with proper warranties/guarantees. Low-quality lights may have poorly made connections or insufficient seals that allow moisture to penetrate the electrical components. Odds are, they’ll end up blowing, and you’ll end up having to buy more.

Why LEDs Lead The Way

Garden lighting technology has rapidly advanced in recent years. While halogen lights have traditionally been used in gardens, LEDs are fast taking over. And there’s a good reason for this – their energy efficiency.

On the whole, halogen lights use more power than LEDs. When you consider garden lights are often left on over long periods, it makes sense to go for the most energy-efficient option.

When purchasing light fittings, keep in mind that the brighter the LED, the bigger the globe. Ensure the light fitting you pick is big enough to hold the LED you want to use.

The Best Type of Lighting

Each section of your garden serves a different purpose. Some areas need good task lighting so you can see what you’re doing (cook the perfect steak, not a charcoal brick), while others require ambient light to set the mood.

Here are a few suggestions for each area:

Grounds and feature trees/plants

You’ve taken lots of time (and probably considerable money) to establish an amazing garden filled with beautiful plants and feature trees. Enjoy them at night, as well as during the day with adjustable spike spotlights. These are fantastic at ‘up-lighting’, turning your garden features into dramatic works of art when night falls.


Stairs can be particularly tricky at night time, so for safety’s sake, consider something like the ROSI Wall/Step LED, which has excellent directional lighting.


When it comes to your decking, you need lights that aren’t too harsh on the eyes but are still bright enough for you to effortlessly entertain. The LED deck light 4 pack is a good option for two reasons – you can install them yourself, and they’re safe to touch, no matter how long they’ve been on. This is a particularly useful feature if you have curious little ones.


This is another area that should be well-lit, both for security and safety reasons. Bollard lighting is the best option as their elevated position perfectly illuminates paths and driveways that are difficult to navigate at night time.

Water features

If you have one of these watery wonders, you probably want to highlight it, and the TULI range of pond spotlights are just the things for this job.

Drawing Up Your Garden Lighting

Now that you have a good idea of what lights suit what spaces in your garden, it’s time to lay it all out on paper. This will ensure you purchase the right lights.

Some simple steps:

  1. Sketch out a rough plan of your garden
  2. Note down areas that need highlighting (feature trees, pathways, stairs, deck)
  3. Consider where you need wiring to connect your lights to the transformers and power points, then fill this in on your plan
  4. Decide how many lumens (how bright) you want each light to be
  5. With your plan in hand, enjoy some outdoor light shopping

Need Further Help?

If you get stuck during the planning stage or have some more questions about the right lights for your outdoor oasis, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to illuminate you with our years of experience in the outdoor lighting game.


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