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By Katie Mitchell, 15 Feb 2018

Ventilation is essential for healthy air and a healthy home. If you’ve just purchased your first home, secured an investment property or are undertaking a renovation, now’s the time to assess your ventilation needs and prevent costly problems from occurring down the track. From reliable, discreet ceiling fans to practical exhaust fans that target trouble areas, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about ventilation.

Sensational Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an economically smart choice for cooling and creating air flow in the home. Running for roughly $0.03 per hour, not only will they save you money all year round, they’ll make life a lot more comfortable and complement your décor. There are some points you need to consider when choosing a ceiling fan for your space.

Blade Material

From classic to contemporary, we’ve got an option to suit the style of your home. All of our fans are fashioned in aluminium which means they’re highly durable and rust-resistant.

Reverse Function

The reverse rotation function is used in winter to move warm air around without creating a cold downward breeze. Take the chill out of a room or use your fan in conjunction with your heater for a more economical solution.

Consider Your Space

Fans come in a variety of sizes designed to suit different rooms. If your room is up to 12sqm, we recommend a 900mm ceiling fan. For rooms between 12sqm and 27sqm, a 1200mm ceiling fan is best. If your room is larger than 27sqm, a 1400mm fan is your best option. If you have high ceilings of more than 3m, you may require an extension rod.


For the ultimate and greater control over your cooling and ventilation, HPM fans can be fitted with a remote control and a timer. If you want an all-in-one option, our fans can be fitted with an energy efficient light, which can also be operated via the remote.

Outdoor Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans can create a romantic, holiday vibe, as well as making your outdoor living spaces more comfortable during summer. However, we recommend ceiling fans be used in outdoor rooms or alfresco areas where they’re not exposed to water and are protected from wind on at least two sides.


Keeping cool and comfortable doesn’t have to cost you your style. Whether you’re in a tropical bungalow, a city apartment or a home in the suburbs, we’ve got a ceiling fan to suit you. Our fans have been designed and engineered in Australia to provide maximum performance for energy consumption. We’ve got a range of materials and styles to suit your home, climate and budget.

Essential Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are standard in new homes, but in some older homes, the exhaust fan might be underpowered, ageing or no longer operating. In some old houses, there simply isn’t any ventilation at all.

If you’re renovating or live in a beautiful older style home, it’s important to consider updating the ventilation in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. These spaces are the hotbeds of humidity problems – mould, mildew and structural rot. For your health and the safety of your home, you need an exhaust fan to expel moist air and bad odours.

Mould starts with a small spot and can spread quickly across your walls and ceilings. Once it’s there, it can be a real pain to remove, so stop mould in its tracks with the right ventilation for your home.

The Right Choice

The right exhaust fan for you will depend on the size of your room. Start by multiplying the length by the width and height of your room (LxWxH), then multiply that by the number of air changes per hour. We estimate this as 10 per hour for a toilet, and 15 to 20 per hour for a bathroom with a shower or bathtub (up to 25 for hot, steamy showers). Once you’ve calculated your requirement, look for an exhaust fan with that same number (or as close as possible) for its m3/h rating.

For The Bathroom

Exhaust fans extract warm air from the room, so consider selecting a fan that comes with a built-in heater or heat light to counteract this. We have a wide range of options, from singular exhaust fans to fans with lights, and both heat and lights (known as three-in-ones).

Consider how close your fan will be to the shower or tub – you’ll need an IP rating of at least IPx4 to ensure it’s waterproof and safe to run close to water and heavy steam. Position your exhaust fan across from the source of incoming air, such as the window or door. This will create a cross-breeze to help the fan extract more humidity.

Most Popular Options

200mm Ceiling Exhaust Fans EF200RDMS

An excellent all-purpose ceiling exhaust fan with a honeycomb fascia design for a modern look and reduced dust build-up.

Non-ducted – Instant Heat – 2 Lamp (with LED light) BH2NDMS

Perfect for cold bathrooms, the double heat lamps create a cosy space. The heat lamps, exhaust fan and light in this stylish unit can all be used separately.

Fanlight R620LED

This combined exhaust fan and ceiling light is one of our all-time best sellers. The clever angled vents hide built-up dirt, and the grille and diffuser can be removed for easy cleaning.


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