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By Katie Mitchell, 28 Nov 2017

Thanks to the progress of technology and the development of new products, living in a smart home – one that thinks for itself and makes life more convenient – is now a reality. Now more accessible than ever, home automation allows Australian homeowners to upgrade technology and create a home that’s intuitive, comfortable and convenient.

Take control of your basic home systems and appliances from either a remote access point, such as a smartphone, or a centralised unit inside your home. High functionality and usability mean it’s never been easier to control the comfort, ambience and safety of your home through lighting, temperature and security systems.

Video Intercom System

Thanks to its 2-wire cabling, the MyHome automation system is able to integrate the BTicino Video Intercom System. This applies mainly to the latest Classe 300X13E, a connected internal video screen: door calls are redirected to your mobile phone, allowing you to speak to visitors when you’re not home. You can even let people drop off parcels or do some repairs, while you keep an eye on them from your smartphone or laptop.


Home automation systems provide an easy way to track your energy usage. With a wide variety of settings and modes, you can reduce your energy consumption by using timers and sensors to open and close blinds or curtains. According to natural light levels outside, you can power off lights when the sun is shining.

You also have the ability to control lights remotely. With just the tap of a finger, you can switch off any lights accidentally left on when leaving, or illuminate the entryway just before you arrive home. This eliminates the need to have the lights illuminated all day long.


No more relying on your neighbours to keep watch over your home next time you’re away. With a home automation system, create a ‘lived in’ scenario that mimics human movements – switching lights on and off and opening blinds at specific times of the day to deter intruders. With convenient control at your fingertips, you can ensure your home is safe, even when you’re not there.


Creating a ‘goodbye’ feature can help minimise forgetfulness and ensure that a full lockup procedure is followed every time you leave the house. This means automating turning off all the lights, air-conditioning and heating, closing the blinds and setting the third-party alarm system for extra security.


If you do lots of entertaining, you can easily create an ‘entertaining’ scenario to fashion some fantastic ambience. With just one button, you can dim the lights on your verandah, get the party-playlist pumping and switch on the garden lights to perfect your party setting.


For music-lovers, the state-of-the-art NUVO multi-source multi-zone distributed audio system can be integrated into the home automation system for an incredible, musician-designed sound experience. With higher quality audio streaming than popular DIY wireless solutions, the wireless player amplifiers are optimised for lossless digital signal flow. It also allows for customisation across rooms, so you can all listen to different tunes at the same time, with perfect syncing, wherever you are in the home.


By allowing all of the electrical technologies in your home to communicate with one another, the MyHome automation system provides easy and convenient control from a remote or centralised location. There’s no need to wander from room to room, flipping switches and adjusting controls. Lighting, air conditioning, heating, audio entertainment, video intercoms and third-party security systems can all be programmed and activated quickly at the touch of a button or a voice command.

Because different systems, like lighting and sound, are based on the same two-wire simplified cabling system (SCS), they can be integrated with ease, reducing programming time, complexity and operating issues, for ultimate convenience. Don’t forget about your devices – power points share the same design aesthetic as automation control devices, so all of the switch plates can work in harmony.

For the ultimate cost-effective solution, you can pick and choose the functionalities you want to use. This provides a cost-effective way for you to begin exploring all the benefits of home automation. It also means you can add further functions as you go to make sure your system meets the growing needs of your home.


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