A good lighting plan includes a mix of light sources for ambience and the different activities you’ll be doing in each room.

Ambient Lighting

A central ceiling fixture that illuminates the whole room.

Task Lighting

Like downlights over kitchen benches for prepping dinner, or a lamp for reading.

Accent Lighting

To highlight art, photographs and wall features.


  • Uses about 25% less energy than incandescent globes
  • Emits beautiful warm glow
  • Suitable for use with any dimmer


  • Uses about 65% less energy than incandescent globes
  • Light colour not as rich and warm as halogen globes
  • Requires time to warm up and reach full light potential
  • Dimming is limited: look for ‘dimmable’ CFLs


  • Most energy efficient: uses about 75% less energy than incandescent globes
  • Long-lasting
  • Mercury free
  • Ideal with movement sensors
  • Look for ‘dimmable’ LEDs if using with dimmer


Many new LED lights are sold as complete sealed units. When the light fades or fails, you need to replace the entire fitting.

Colour Degrees Description Room
Warm White 2700 – 3000k

Softer, Warmer Light

Comparable to traditional incandescent lighting

Bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom, kitchen
Cool White 4000k

Neutral Light

Comparable to office lighting

Home office, bathroom, garage, laundry
Neutral 5000k

Bright Light

Comparable to daylight

Garage, laundry, workshop
Daylight 6000k

Harsh Light

Comparable to the light outside in the midday

Not recommended
Light Output Incandescent Halogen CFL LED
220lm 25W 18W 5-7W 3W
420lm 40W 28W 7-8W 4-5W
720lm 60W 42W 11-12W 6-8W
930lm 75W 52W 13-18W 9-13W
1300lm 100W 70W 18-23W 16-20W

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