Linking your intercom system to your mobile phone is a smart way to speak to visitors when you're not home. You can even let people into your home to drop off parcels, clean or do repairs and watch them on your phone or laptop.

Including a ‘Goodbye’ scenario is a great idea. This function allows you to turn off all lighting, air-conditioning, floor heating and close blinds to save energy. It also turns on the third-party alarm system when you leave the house for extra security.

A ‘Lived In’ scenario is great for when you’re on holiday. This setting activates blinds and lighting at specific times to deter intruders.

A ‘Goodnight’ scenario can turn off all lighting and shut all blinds, shutters and curtains when you go to bed.

Using a laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android phone, you can control sound, lighting, temperature and your intercom without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

Program a ‘movie’ scenario to set the scene: dim the lights and close the blinds for perfect viewing.

View total everyday usage data from any touchscreen. Being aware is the first step to saving energy.

By using timers and sensors, have your blinds, shutters and curtains open and close according to natural light levels outside. This can help reduce energy consumption and keep your home more comfortable.

By programming an ‘Entertaining’ scenario, you can create the perfect ambience. One button can dim the lights on your verandah, start your ‘Party’ playlist and illuminate your garden lights.

Remotely turning on your home air-conditioning using your computer ensures your home is the perfect temperature upon arrival.

Every MyHome system is different. They are customised specifically to suit the needs of each homeowner and home. They are installed by accredited MyHome installers – kind of like ‘uber’ electricians with extra skills. If you are interested in taking your home to the next level, talk to one of our Customer Service team members on 1300 369 777. They’ll happily put you in touch with a MyHome installer in your area. To give you an idea of what MyHome products look like, we’ve included a small selection below.



Unlike other systems, you only need to install and pay for the functions you want, not a huge complex system you'll never use. You can always add more functions later.


Conventional devices, such as powerpoints, share the same design aesthetic as automation control devices. This means all of your switch plates will look great together.


The MyHOME automation system is easy to set up, saving you installation time and costs.

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love

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