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By Katie Mitchell, 30 Oct 2018

If you like spending time entertaining or just kicking back outside, you’ll know how vital outdoor lighting and well-positioned electrical outlets are. Whether it’s lawnmowers, leaf blowers, bar fridges or mozzie zappers, it’s likely you’ll need easy access to power and lighting. Here are a few tips to help you plan your outdoor electrical solutions and ensure your outside space is as comfortable and safe as your indoor ones.

All Outdoor Areas

The outdoor spaces that need lighting and powerpoints are your back garden, and your alfresco BBQ and pool areas. These lovely locations need both task lighting with a touch of ambient lighting, as well as some conveniently placed power outlets for your outdoor electrical goods. Think sound system, party lights, beer fridge, electrical power tools, pathways, decks, stairs and entrances.

While your backyard is usually where the action is, your front yard will also benefit from a combination of task and security lighting. On top of this, other outdoor spaces also need some strategic illumination. Take your washing line for example, where a little bit of light makes the after-dark dash to collect your clothes lighter and safer.

Plan With a Professional

If you’re building a new home, it’s worth chatting to an electrician about your outdoor electrical solutions, during the design stage. Aside from being up to scratch with rules and regulations, they can offer expert advice about the safest and most effective place for power outlets and lights. If you’re tempted to skimp on your outdoor power points and use extension boards instead, your local sparky will tell you a tale or two about overloaded power boards and electrical shocks from using the wrong gear in the wet.

If you have an existing property, you may be limited by what’s currently in place. But, it’s still a good idea to connect with an expert electrician, because odds are, they can recommend outdoor electrical solutions you may not know about.

Keep it Safe

Your outdoor spaces are most likely open to the elements; whether fully exposed (like your pool deck), or covered, but prone to getting wet (like your alfresco dining area). Water and electricity are not friends, and mixing them is an absolute ‘no.’ That’s why it’s vital all your electrical outlets and switches must be appropriately rated for wet environments and be Australian-approved.

This is where our Soliroc range can help. With a broad selection of durable weatherproof switches and sockets, they offer the highest degree of protection against the elements, as well as damage or impact. These smart products also include internal safety shutters to prevent electrical accidents.

The Soliroc range also includes an automatic motion-detection sensor; it turns on when people are around, and off when they’re not. It’s a tremendous energy-saving option to help you slim down your power bills.

The Flexibility Factor

There’s no reason why your outdoor living areas can’t be as stylish and functional as your indoor ones. One of the best things about the Soliroc range is that it’s modular, meaning you can use Soliroc frames with Arteor inner modules to create a safe and flexible connection. Because every space has different needs, purchasing the mechanisms separately allows your electrician to customise the solution to suit your space.

With over 50 mechanisms available in the Arteor range, you can incorporate video and data outlets such as HDMI, USB and VGA as well as power points and USB charging outlets.


Whether you’re gardening, cleaning the pool or entertaining, careful planning will help you create a comfortable, stylish and highly functional outdoor area that caters to all your outdoor electrical needs.


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